The old quarry of Royal Botticino, the perfect choice for textured space

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Royal Botticino

The old quarry of Royal Botticino, the perfect choice for textured space

Beige is a common color from nature

It is a “universal color” that does not pick colors

Royal Botticino – King of Beige

Incorporate elegance into a stylish space

Complex and simple, high-end and noble


The old quarry of Royal Botticino


Royal Botticino

Gentle beige sets a warm tone

Delicate and elegant natural texture

Excellent glossy oiliness

Gentle years precipitation time


Home decoration space, noble and elegant



Beige base color with elegant parquet

Presenting a soft and powerful aesthetic

Advanced style, elegant and graceful

The perfect choice for textured spaces



Natural texture with its own beauty

large area paving

Exactly reflect the spatial hierarchy

Extend elegance to subtle corners

Elegant and generous, more noble


Ally Stone’s Royal Botticino

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